Five ways to be sneakily snug and stylish this winter

Back when I was 21, I would happily walk around in a minidress with no jacket on in the dead of winter. Oh, how times have changed! 5 years on, comfort and warmth are my top priorities. If I could get away with wearing my doona in public I definitely would — but I do occasionally need to look presentable. So, I’m always looking for creative ways to be as cozy as possible, while still looking like an acceptable member of society.

Five ways to be sneakily snug and stylish this winter.

1. Wooly Hobes

These are the closest you can get to wearing your slippers/uggs in public without looking like you’ve completely given up on life. They look like cute winter boots on the outside, but inside, they’re lined with soft Australian lambswool that makes you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.  Not only will they keep your tootsies warm, but like the rest of the Hobbs range, they’re incredibly lightweight—perfect for chucking in your suitcase for those winter holidays.

2. Sportscraft Jillian Wrap

I’m notorious (read: people make fun of me) for taking a blanket with me in any situation where it might be even a little chilly. Going to the movies? Blankie is coming too. Working in an air-conditioned office? You better believe I’m bringing blankie. Flying somewhere? Blankie has got his passport ready, too. That said, I don’t always have room in my bag to take a blanket with me everywhere in winter (plus, it’s not really socially acceptable) The solution? This stylish wrap, which also doubles as a scarf and poncho.

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3. Uniqlo Women Heattech High Rise Denim Leggings Pants

These Uniqlo pants are covert comfy in more ways than one. Firstly, they look just like jeans, but they’re actually LEGGINGS. Secondly, they’re crafted with insulating Heattech material to keep you toasty! So essentially, you’ll feel like you’re wearing your warmest trackies but it looks like you’re wearing super flattering high-waisted jeans. So. Much. Yes.

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4. Kathmandu Core Spun Merino Blend Women’s Crew Top

My boyfriend has an unhealthy obsession with merino wool and I have to admit, it is pretty great. Not only does it keep you super warm, but it has natural temperature control properties meaning you’ll never overheat. Plus, this Kathmandu top has antimicrobial properties to further ensure you don’t become a sweaty betty in all your winter layers. Yep, this is going to be a wardrobe staple this winter.

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5. Madison Square Brixton Coat

I bought this coat a couple of weeks ago and I’ve barely taken it off since. I love the fact that it looks like a chic monochrome coat, but actually feels like the warmest, cosiest dressing gown of all time. Oh, and it has POCKETS that are actually pockets — none of this ‘just there for decoration’ business.

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