Five Ways To Use Style To Define Your Personal Brand

Five Ways To Use Style To Define Your Personal Brand

define your personal brand

You have seven seconds to create a lasting first impression. In that time, what you wear, how you stand, what you say and how you say it, will all be judged. We want to believe that we do not judge someone just on their looks, but initially, we have little else to work from. Therefore the decision is very visual. Control the narrative by always being the brand you want others to see. Here are 5 tips from a personal stylist on defining your personal brand through your fashion choices.

1. Define your style category

Defining your personal brand begins with identifying your style category. A style category could be: elegant, classic, eclectic, modern, minimalist, feminine and the list goes on. This can easily be done by reviewing various images of different styles and then rating them, or creating boards on Pinterest. You will start to see a trend in what you like — it could be a mash-up of a few styles depending on your lifestyle.

2. Think quality over quantity

Fast fashion is here to stay, but that tee that costs $10 and is made of an inferior fabric will not go the distance and will be out of shape in the first few washes. Instead, save and spend your hard earned cash on wardrobe staples that will be in your wardrobe in years to come. Where you can have some fun is with fleeting fashion trends where you might buy one item to complement your core basics. The best way to do this is to focus on your accessories; bags, scarves and jewellery are the perfect lift to an outfit without breaking the bank.

3. Don’t forget grooming

Fashion is an investment in you, so your beauty and skincare regime should also be of a high standard. Simple maintenance like not wearing chipped nail polish, or hair that needs to be coloured should be a part of your regular beauty routine. Your overall style is made up of all elements we discussed earlier. This is not to say you need to wear a face full of makeup or get a manicure every week, but these are things worth paying attention to.

4. Be authentic

Knowing what your style is and consistently dressing to that style is a fantastic way to consolidate your overall brand. You may decide to have one key feature that people will start to know is your identifier. Taylor Swift was never seen without her pout being in a bold red lip colour. Victoria Beckham is all about the high heel, even when attending more casual events. Sienna Miller owned the chic bohemian style. Find your style and own it.

5. Know your values

 When building your brand it is important to only align with businesses you truly support and would use. The same goes for your fashion choices. If you’re passionate about saving the environment, make a conscious effort to opt for sustainable brands. If female empowerment is a significant part of your personal brand, make sure you wear labels that do not use exploitative practices.

What we all want to strive for is a powerful, attractive and visible brand. One that is authentic and true to you. Each day when you get dressed, look in the mirror and decide if how you are styled and presented is what you want to sell. 

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