Sparro Designs Handbag The Ultimate Luxe Carry-All For Busy Women

While no two days are ever completely the same for me, they’re usually some combination of the following…working on my laptop in a cafe, hitting the gym, schlepping it on public transport to an event or meeting aaaaand…more work. I always struggled to find the perfect bag that allowed me to comfortably do all of these things, while still looking somewhat professional. I liked my stylish monogrammed handbag but it wasn’t big enough to fit all my gym gear… I liked my Mimco backpack because it had a laptop sleeve, but rocking up to a meeting wearing it made me look like a 5-year-old. I felt kind of like Goldilocks…everything was too big or too small, and not quite right. That is, until I met Sparro.

Sparro Designs is an Aussie brand doing incredible things. Founder Amie Fitt launched in 2015 with a vision to create stylish carry-alls that would lighten the load for women who live their life in a bag (aka. me) I got mine 3 months ago, and I’ve used it nearly every single day since. As a tough handbag critic, I don’t speak lightly when I saw this is the very BEST carry-all for busy women, especially those who like to work out. And that’s exactly why we’ve got one for grabs for one of our Girl In Progress community!

What you’ll win

The lucky winner will get their hands on the Sparro Designs Signature Flex Carry-All in Ink Blue with Rose Gold (worth $499) Crafted from neoprene with premium leather straps, this is one seriously sleek and stylish handbag.

It has a stack of handy features to help streamline the transition from work to gym and beyond, including:

Triple Compartment Design: Separate your workout from work, whilst keeping essentials in quick draw proximity. Includes entirely unzippable main compartment for exceptional access and seriously speedy packing.

Padded Laptop Pouch: Quilted cushioning to secure your most prized possession.

Inner Shoe Bag: Keep those sticky sneakers where they belong – away from everything! This smart inner shoe bag folds away when empty, and creates a handy shelf when full.

Dirty Laundry Compartment: This antibacterial zipped pocket hides the sweaty stuff when it matters most.

Heatproof Pocket: Be it a steamy hair straightener or gym-size dryer, this inner zipped pocket will handle the hot stuff.

Removable Zip Pouch: To carry the #LifeInBag valuables when you dash for that long black, chai latte, or whatever gets your busy brain buzzing!

Keep it Fresh: Antibacterial lining – doubt we need to explain why.

Not only is it durable, functional and large enough to hold everything but the kitchen sink, but it’s also incredibly chic. I always feel like a super important CEO or celeb when I walk down the street with mine (no paparazzi, plz) and I constantly get comments about it. And the best part is, one could be YOURS!

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